so today is the day, the day where we all preform , it starts at 3:30 and will finish im assuming in 20 minutes in total, or longer, i will post the whole performance when im done so stay tuned


My journey

so now that i think about it i have come a long way from the beginning until now, i think each day i become better and better and now i think im actually achieved a lot , i may not be the best actor in the world but i think im prettying good in my class

Sunday practice

so after that hectic party last night , the days were coming closer and closer and i didn’t have much time left, so i had ti get everything ready, my lines m my costumes EVERYTHING , i needed to figure out what was happening and whats not, and yes i have finally got all my lines into place, so i know everything and EVERY SINGLE LINE… hopefully my partner knows his lines… we will just have to wait and see,

Saturdays practice

So during these weekends i was able to practice some of my lines ( the reason i said able was because i was doing my chores for most if the day so i was a little annoying when i need to practice i had to clean).
so during the time i was thinking of whether or not we should add these things or not, things such as christmas tree, pyjamas, where things should be place and where would be the best place to put things.

after some time i ended up realising that i can just do it while to clean since i know most of my lines…. awkward.


heres a photo


Last drama class , present drama class

So it was a Monday morning and I was late to drama , also it was the week back from having food poisoning “eww”. So what we basically did was figure out we would need aka , costumes, lights, sound etc .. Then Henry and I just rehearsed our lines until we knew the first and second page by heart then off to assembly!!!

One week later – as the day was coming to a close we still had one more class, and I’m assuming you would know what it is – drama . We again attempted to learn our lines by heart , at first we had a little problem with nandishwa and Robert, since they were talking a little loud … Okay I’m lying it was as if they were screaming to one another, which then made everyone move out (go outside) expect for Taing , mr. Ellis and the screamers , we then practiced over and over until home time. During that time we decided to add in a little line/scene “MUM” the we hide behind the couch . Then we went home .

YESTERDAY , forgot

SORRY but yesterday i was a little busy but here is what i did,

so yesterday what i did was basically , learn some of my lines, ofc i do not know it all by heart but i have a good understanding on whats on the first page.
so after reading through my lines what i basically did after that was try to figure out what my costume would look like and thats basically all i did. although it isnt much , the smallest amount of effort could be the biggest help .

so what i did TODAY , today i tried to memorise what is on page 2 , and just like what i said before i tried but i didn’t fully get it all into my head i have some of the the lines in my head , which are all the ones with at least 5-6 words , but when it comes to the ones with at least 5 sentences i struggle so i have to keep reading it and have some lessons with henry to know when my cue or line is

IT GOT FLAGGED , but heres a continue

so recently my old blog got flagged for what ever reaon ( They didnt even email me :c) and now i have to start all over again .. hmmm 😦

but on the brighter news i can still blog hahaha !!! ,

so now just to re attach your memory to previous blog, i will write down my last thing i did in drama class.

So today it was pretty cool. we got to play some games and get all warmed up, since its been awhile since we got to do those things again , since we have hardly had a proper drama class, so i after all the warming up we got to creat an interview ( fake ofc) and pretend we are a professional bloggers 🙂 it was pretty fun , or maybe thats just what my group did … akward… , SO after that we all had to edit and creat the while interview into one while video , but for some people they just recorded the whole thing. and then that was there interview , but as for me i edited my video cause i dont want to be the same as everyone else ! im different in many ways :3 .

so after all the interviews were done we went back inside and practiced our lines and etc so things like blocking set , lights and everything need for our skit then the bell rang 🙂 ,finally i got to eat some FOOOOOOOODDDD yummy , anyways im out now , so im going to end this blog , AND THE VIDEOS WILL BE ON YOUTUBE SOON SO STAY TUNED