so recently my old blog got flagged for what ever reaon ( They didnt even email me :c) and now i have to start all over again .. hmmm 😦

but on the brighter news i can still blog hahaha !!! ,

so now just to re attach your memory to previous blog, i will write down my last thing i did in drama class.

So today it was pretty cool. we got to play some games and get all warmed up, since its been awhile since we got to do those things again , since we have hardly had a proper drama class, so i after all the warming up we got to creat an interview ( fake ofc) and pretend we are a professional bloggers 🙂 it was pretty fun , or maybe thats just what my group did … akward… , SO after that we all had to edit and creat the while interview into one while video , but for some people they just recorded the whole thing. and then that was there interview , but as for me i edited my video cause i dont want to be the same as everyone else ! im different in many ways :3 .

so after all the interviews were done we went back inside and practiced our lines and etc so things like blocking set , lights and everything need for our skit then the bell rang 🙂 ,finally i got to eat some FOOOOOOOODDDD yummy , anyways im out now , so im going to end this blog , AND THE VIDEOS WILL BE ON YOUTUBE SOON SO STAY TUNED