SORRY but yesterday i was a little busy but here is what i did,

so yesterday what i did was basically , learn some of my lines, ofc i do not know it all by heart but i have a good understanding on whats on the first page.
so after reading through my lines what i basically did after that was try to figure out what my costume would look like and thats basically all i did. although it isnt much , the smallest amount of effort could be the biggest help .

so what i did TODAY , today i tried to memorise what is on page 2 , and just like what i said before i tried but i didn’t fully get it all into my head i have some of the the lines in my head , which are all the ones with at least 5-6 words , but when it comes to the ones with at least 5 sentences i struggle so i have to keep reading it and have some lessons with henry to know when my cue or line is