So it was a Monday morning and I was late to drama , also it was the week back from having food poisoning “eww”. So what we basically did was figure out we would need aka , costumes, lights, sound etc .. Then Henry and I just rehearsed our lines until we knew the first and second page by heart then off to assembly!!!

One week later – as the day was coming to a close we still had one more class, and I’m assuming you would know what it is – drama . We again attempted to learn our lines by heart , at first we had a little problem with nandishwa and Robert, since they were talking a little loud … Okay I’m lying it was as if they were screaming to one another, which then made everyone move out (go outside) expect for Taing , mr. Ellis and the screamers , we then practiced over and over until home time. During that time we decided to add in a little line/scene “MUM” the we hide behind the couch . Then we went home .